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Split Aircon

One of the most common air conditioners that work is the split air conditioner,

 and here is the reason. For many years, there have been two different types of air conditioners – air conditioners that are available for domestic use.

Split Aircon

This ductless aircon commonly referred to as a mini-split or multi-split,

provides your home with “zone climate control” without the need to install ducts where none exist. A mini-split consists of an outdoor compressor and condenser, paired with an indoor air conditioning system, and provides an intelligent way to regulate the temperature of different parts of the house exactly as you want it. Unlike a central air system, which requires ductwork to distribute air from the condensers to the indoor units, the Mini-Splits system is based on a small pipe with refrigerant running between the outdoor and indoor units. Like the central air systems, it is divided into two parts: an outdoor compressor that pumps compressed air (refrigerant) and an interior evaporator that circulates the refrigerators to extract heat from indoors to ensure cooling.

Split Aircon
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Split Aircon

Depending on heating and cooling requirements,

you can choose between a ductless air conditioning system or a heat pump that provides comfort. The condenser is connected to the indoor device via a channel, the internal evaporator via a small pipe.

In some scenarios, this mini-split air conditioner could be the answer to your heating and cooling needs. The first decision you have to make is to make sure you have the right type of air conditioning for your home and its needs(Size wise). This article covers a more traditional central air conditioning system, which includes both an air conditioning system and a heat pump or stove, and a hybrid system with two separate air conditioning systems.

Split Aircon

Ductless mini

split air conditioners are often extremely visible because they rely on a wall cabinet to distribute cool air throughout the house. They are called mini-splits because there is no need to have a traditional central air conditioning system known as a split system. Mini splitting systems typically consist of two separate cooling coils, one on the outside and one on the inside.

This ductless unit can be used as a replacement for a traditional central air conditioning system or as an alternative to a wall unit. A split air conditioner consists of a compressor located on the outside and a cooling coil located on top of the compressor. This is similar to the central system except that the compressor is located outside, eliminating the noise from the types of wall and appliances.

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Split Aircon

Despite what many sellers would have you believe,

all packaged air conditioners are available at the same price. The one tested below is Pioneer, and for good reason: Even tho it costs less than half the price of a conventional central air conditioning system ,but price is not included the sewer systems.

If you are evaluating the HVAC capacity of your home and determine whether a ductless split air conditioner is right for you, please contact LS Aircon Servicing Singapore for more information on the best options for your future home. If you are considering a new air conditioning system or a replacement for a traditional central air conditioning system.