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7 Common Aircon Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid for Homeowners

Aircons are the most widely used appliances, especially after the added feature of heating. The most used appliance also brings about some challenges to maintaining them in good shape. There are some common aircon maintenance mistakes that people often make during cleaning, service, and maintenance. This article will address 7 such mistakes that you should avoid if you are planning a maintenance session for your aircon. 

Most Common Aircon Mistakes and Their Preventive Measures

It is important to fix aircon maintenance mistakes and avoid them forehand. Therefore, this article focuses on common aircon mistakes and their preventive measures.

1.      Not Checking Aircon Filters

Every air conditioning system operates by drawing air from the outside environment into the unit, cooling it, and then distributing it throughout the room. This process ensures a continuous supply of fresh air. Modern air conditioning systems are equipped with filters designed to capture these strangers to counteract any possible debris or dust particles. 

For optimal performance, homeowners should inspect, clean, and, if required, replace their filters approximately every three months. Neglecting this maintenance not only compromises the indoor air quality of your room but also places additional strain on your aircon, forcing it to work harder to maintain a desired temperature. In fact, this is the most important process in your maintenance cycle. Therefore, every homeowner should avoid this kind of common aircon maintenance mistake.

2.      Ignoring Strange Noises

If you want to avoid aircon maintenance mistakes, take note of this mistake because a lot of the technicians and homeowners do not bother much about it. Air conditioners naturally produce sounds during their operation, but distinguishing normal from abnormal noises after a few weeks of use is important. Strange sounds indicate possible issues that require instant care and repair. 

Ignoring these early indications may lead to more serious problems and, in the worst-case scenario, a complete breakdown. To prevent further damage and ensure reliable operation, it is imperative not to count this issue. If you hear any unfamiliar noise, schedule a repair appointment promptly to address the issue and maintain the optimal functioning of your aircon.

3.      Forgetting to Clean Your Air Vents

Air vents accumulate dust and debris over time, and when your aircon operates, it pours this trapped material into your home. While this is not directly related to your AC’s efficiency, maintaining clean air vents is important. Leaving air vents dusty is among the common aircon maintenance mistakes that often go unnoticed. 

Regularly cleaning your vents, ideally at least once a month, ensures better indoor air quality. This proactive approach reduces the risk of allergies and other health issues for your family. By consistently keeping the air clean, you contribute to a healthier living environment.

common aircon maintenance mistakes

4.      Leaving the Coils Dirty

Up to this point, we’ve discussed components of your aircon that you directly interact with or clean now and then. To ensure consistency and fix maintenance mistakes, it’s crucial to focus on the outdoor unit, particularly the coils and fins. These elements play an important role in aiding the evaporators inside your home and the condenser located outside, facilitating heat transfer. 

Positioned externally, the coils are prone to accumulating debris and dust particles. An accumulation of these substances can significantly reduce the efficiency of your aircon, leading to excessive hard work from the unit and, thus, a higher electricity bill. Therefore, it is good to clean the coils and fans when you schedule maintenance for your aircon. To know more about aircon maintenance, visit our SERVICES PAGE.

5.      Delaying the Repairs

A series of aircon issues arise when homeowners delay necessary repairs despite being aware of the problem. Whether it’s a mechanical issue or an apparently small problem, prompt action is the key. Delaying on addressing these problems and continuing to run your air conditioning system only increases the severity of the issues over time.

Waiting allows the problems to escalate, ultimately leading to higher maintenance costs. It is advisable to address aircon issues immediately to mitigate further damage and avoid undue financial expenses in the long run.

6.      Changing Thermostat Settings

It is often noticed that during the maintenance sessions, technicians tend to change the thermostat settings and forget to change them again to normal values. 

Moreover, in a hurry to cool a warm home quickly, people believe that setting the thermostat to its lowest possible temperature is the solution. However, this is a misconception. Regardless of the thermostat setting, the air conditioning system produces the same amount of air.

Lowering the thermostat doesn’t expedite the cooling process; it only compels the air conditioner to work harder until the desired temperature is reached. Additionally, forgetting to reset the thermostat can lead to continuous operation at the ultra-low setting, causing increased wear and tear, as well as higher energy consumption with each cycle. Therefore, it is desirable to keep the thermostat settings within an optimal range of temperature values.  

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7.      Avoiding Regular Tune-ups


Every time your aircon activates, its components undergo wear and tear. Consistent and routine tune-ups are necessary to maintain the system’s functionality. Even if your unit appears to be operating normally, it doesn’t guarantee its overall health. Regular tune-ups, ideally scheduled twice a year, are necessary for sustained optimal performance.

Ignoring routine periodic tune-ups through a reliable air conditioning service is the most important method to reduce your system’s lifespan and heighten the likelihood of unforeseen breakdowns. If you want further information on the regular tune-ups, do visit our services.

Concluding Remarks

In conclusion, avoiding common aircon maintenance mistakes is pivotal for homeowners to ensure the longevity of their units. Mistakes such as neglecting regular tune-ups, ignoring strange noises, and mishandling thermostat settings can disturb the optimal performance. Proactive maintenance practices not only prevent costly repairs but also contribute to a healthier indoor environment. The preventive measures will also optimize the energy consumption of the homeowners.