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Aircon Not Cold

Aircon Not Cold

Aircon Not Cold

We prioritise your comfort that your air conditioning system works properly all year round.

But if your air-con system doesn’t cool properly, you can’t get comfortable and save time and money. Let us assist you in figuring out why your air con isn’t cooling your home. So why not cool your air conditioners properly, and how can you save money or time by cooling them properly?

If you have doubt and question about your air conditioner that is not cooled or working as it should, or if you want your cooling system serviced or installed at home, contact us today. If you check the air filters, thermostats and circuit breakers, but your air conditioning system is not working correctly yet, contact our air-con specialists. Make a booking with our air conditioning specialist as soon as possible to repair or replace your air conditioning unit if it does not cool your house.

Aircon Not Cold

Note that if your air conditioner makes strange noises or emits strange odours,

turn off the air conditioner, and it maybe time to contact a professional aircon technician to diagnose more accurately what is being done when the air conditioner is running but not cooling down. Once you have taken all the steps to repair your air conditioner, even if it doesn’t flow cold breeze or air aren’t flow at all, it’s time to call the pros.

If you are closing vents in unused rooms to save energy and save money on your electricity bill, you may want to reconsider your efforts if you find that your air conditioning system is not cooling your home to preferred degrees. Have you ever gone through an air conditioning system that blows hot air into a room that doesn’t cool down even in the middle of the night or during the day?

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Aircon Not Cold

Apart from all the problems mentioned above,

there is another reason why your air conditioner does not cool down as it should. The reason why the air-con does not cool down could be a problem with the fan or the fan motor. If the air conditioning window does not blow cold air, the problem is likely to be a thermistor, although air filters, fans and motors have already been ruled out as a problem.

If the air-corn does not cool your house, we recommend you check the evaporator coil to check if it is frozen. If the evaporation coil is dirty, the air conditioner will have difficulty getting rid of the warm air, and it could cause it to overheat and shut down. However, if the cold air is still blowing, it takes a too long time for the house to cool down, which means that the air conditioners run much longer.

Aircon Not Cold

The compressor is probably the essential part of the air conditioner,

and if you have too low a pressure in the system due to the compressor, there is a good chance that the air conditioner will not cool you down. If the condenser is blocked or damaged, or the compressors are damaged or overheated, the air conditioner cannot cool any air entering your home. This is because you had a too – low – pressure system in your compressor, and it cannot blow out cold air.

The limitation that can occasionally cause a system fan is the result of a lack of air pressure, not the fact that your air conditioner produces cold water but does not blow. In other words, if your condensers are blocked, damaged and overheated, your air conditioners cannot blow out cold air.

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Aircon Not Cold

If your thermostat is set to a particular temperature

  and it is not working still, there may be a problem with your air conditioning. If you set the thermostatted too high or if you think that it is not cooling you down, then there is a good chance that you have a faulty air conditioner.